Life of the department

Master's thesis defense 2024

In light of the recent events at the university and in the surrounding areas, I would like to note that the university is alive and well and continues to work. Recently, the Department 407 held master's thesis defenses. The students proved themselves to be the best, covering in their research both the most pressing problems of our country and the most pressing issues for the whole world. Here is a summarized list of the research areas submitted for defense:


- predicting the negative effects of mudflows;

- use of GIS in land inventory;

- determining the areas of storm surges;

- creation of digital twins in the structure of the WEB-application;

- determination of coverage by shelter zones depending on the type of ballistic missiles;

- modeling the development of recreational facilities;

- solving geomarketing problems;

- modeling the consequences of fires;

- analysis of the coverage of electric vehicle charging stations;

- monitoring of emergencies related to flooding;

- monitoring of ocean pollution by plastic waste;

- building mapping models using artificial intelligence;

- use of GIS technologies in planning the areas of reconstruction of Kharkiv;

- assessment of damage caused by military operations based on remote sensing data;

- change of logistics in the conditions of war;

- assessment of the possible negative consequences of the enemy's use of a tactical nuclear strike;

- determining the trend of changes in the ecological state of water bodies in the Kherson region; determining the condition of forest plantations based on remote sensing data;

- assessment of the possibilities of using rivers as an alternative to destroyed roads;

- methodology of forming an educational network of the territorial community using GIS technologies;

- use of remote sensing data to select a land plot for the construction of sanatorium and rehabilitation centers.


I would like to thank the newly minted masters for the time we spent together, to say that the department is 100% confident in them and to wish them success in all areas of their lives in the future, harmony, and pleasant excitement and emotions, not from explosions and news reports as it was the last two years. You have forever become a part of the big KAI family. Remember this and that you are always welcome here. We are also proud that our university and department will be represented by people like you, so may you be blessed with good fortune and everything will be fine. We wish you inspiration and take care of yourself!