Life of the department

Career guidance meeting

Today, the representatives of the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" held a career guidance meeting with 11th grade students of the Zmiiv community. The university staff continues the programme of introducing the educational opportunities of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute to the high school students of the region, and this was the 10th visit to the cities of Kharkiv region. The event was attended by about 60 pupils from the 1st and 2nd lyceums of the city, as well as Zidkivskyi and Chemuzhivskyi lyceums. As a representative of our department, the event was attended by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Department 407 - Andreev S.M.

This event was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the university administration with the Department of Education of the Zmiiv City Council and was organised by the Department of Pre-University Education.

The KHAI faculties presented a variety of exhibits that captured the imagination of schoolchildren and contributed to deepening their knowledge of the aerospace industry and study opportunities at the university. Among the exhibits were: 3D scanner, compressor and turbine blades, centrifugal compressor, aircraft engine piston, model of a robot on a tracked chassis, pyrometer, smart home, sun tracking station, laboratory model with functions of a real CubeSAT satellite a model of a rocket, VR glasses, as well as a demonstration of in-house software development using the Unity IDE, Rider, and the AR Foundation framework on the example of the SEB-AR augmented reality application, and the generation of an image of a student of the future by Lexica Aperture and Deep Dream Generator neural networks. This meeting gave students the opportunity not only to get acquainted with technological innovations and achievements in the field of aviation and astronautics, but also to receive comprehensive information about study opportunities and future careers at the aerospace university.